Photo fo a marijuana plant.
Two reporters were arrested for cultivating weed. CC by Eric Caballero/Flickr

Orly Katz and Howard Arenstein, a high-powered journalistic couple, were both arrested for cannabis production and sale over the weekend. Both Katz and Arenstein work for news producers. Arenstein operates as the CBS Radio bureau chief in Washington D.C., while Katz acts as a Washington correspondent for Yedioth Ahronoth, a newspaper based in Israel. Both Arenstein and Katz were arrested when marijuana was found growing in their back yard. Police also found packaged cannabis in the house.

Charges against Howard Arenstein

Police got a complaint from neighbors about the Arenstein home. On the basis of this complaint, they obtained and used a search warrant. The charges brought against the couple include possession of a controlled substance and possession with intent to distribute. After they were charged, the couple was released from jail without having to post any bail. D.C. law allows them to wait for their trial while outside of lockup. If convicted, the couple could face several thousand dollars in fines and a few years in jail.

Howard Arenstein’s home had packaged marijuana

After neighbors complained about marijuana in the back yard, vice cops raided Arenstein’s home. 11 mature, eight foot tall marijuana plants were found in the back yard. 12 ounces of marijuana was also found packaged in the couple’s home. The intent to distribute charge is based on the small packages of controlled substances found.

Arenstein may face investigation

CBS News officials have declined to officially comment on Howard Arenstein’s arrest. Some insiders believe that the station is launching their own investigation. Simply being charged with the crimes may not be enough for Arenstein or Katz to lose their jobs. Marijuana use, production, or sale in the District of Columbia is not defensible under any law currently on the books.

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