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It isn’t hard to look back and recognize how hard Sept. 11 was for the U.S. History books show how hard that day was for everyone in America,not  just those who had family or friends die. Many are concerned that President Obama doesn’t think 9/11 hit the country as hard as it did. Liz Cheney was really angry over some things President Obama said regarding this.

What was the comment made by President Obama?

President Obama is quoted in  “Obama Wars,” the new book Bob Woodward wrote, regarding his feelings on terrorist attacks, including the Sept. 11 attack. In it, President Obama is quoted saying:

We can absorb a terrorist attack. We’ll do everything we can to prevent it, but even a 9/11, the biggest attack ever… we absorbed it and we are stronger.

This statement made Dick Cheney’s daughter, Liz Cheney, really mad.

Cheney’s response

Liz Cheney was outraged by this statement on the part of President Obama because she felt like he was stating that he wouldn’t protect America with all of his power and resources. She called for an explanation from Obama about this. According to CBS News, she said:

Americans expect our President to…use every tool at his disposal to find, defeat, capture and kill terrorists. We expect him to … make it clear to our adversaries that an attack on the United States will carry devastating consequences. Instead, President Obama is reported to have said, ‘We can absorb a terrorist attack.’ This comment suggests an alarming fatalism on the part of President Obama. … The President owes the American people an explanation.

Others want an explanation

The Obama terror attack statement is raising a few heads. People want an explanation. The author of “Obama Terror Attack: Save His Presidency” on 12 News wants to know why the president would ever say that. He was another one concerned about what was said. He wanted to know why the president wouldn’t be doing everything he can to protect America. Many others are wondering why the President would be egging on terrorists to come to the country. Then there is Mitch Marconi. He thinks that everyone is just overreacting to the comment because of the joy they get in criticizing the Obama administration along with Cheney. An explanation will be expected soon from Obama, no matter which is true.


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