Photo of a Crysler car.
Chrysler employees were caught drinking on the job. CC by WillVision Photography/Flickr

A local whistleblower report says some Chrysler plant workers were discovered using drugs and drinking during their lunch breaks. It started with an anonymous tip to a local news station. The news station sent in undercover reporters who broke the news. A swift resolution was promised and delivered by Chrysler. Not long after the report aired, the people in question were all put on suspension. Of those involved, two are still suspended and 13 have been fired.

Guzzling more than gas

A tip about workers from the Jefferson North plant was passed to WJBK, or Fox 2, a Fox affiliate in Detroit, according to USA Today. The plant only builds one vehicle, the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokees. The station was tipped off that workers from the plant were going to a local park mid-day to drink beer and smoke what appeared to be marijuana. The ritual went on for five consecutive days, until an anchor asked them what the heck they were doing. The party broke up. The news crew followed them back to the plant. To make matters worse, the investigative report comes days after a visit and stump speech by President Obama.

All but two canned in the case

Chrysler couldn’t fire anyone at first, so 15 were put on suspension. Because of agreements made between Chrysler and the United Auto Workers, proper procedure has to be followed before anyone can be terminated. Of those 15, according to Automotive News, 13 were fired, and two are still on suspension. Quality control and inspection are automated, and Chrysler insists quality has not been affected.  The UAW also weighed in, saying that the workers who were fired are the exception. The UAW insists that their people are the top in the field, aside from a few rotten apples.

Don’t drink and work

There is no excuse for going to work intoxicated. Not even executives get a “three martini lunch” anymore. Working with industrial equipment requires safety be paramount. Drinking and taking other intoxicants is certainly contrary to safe practices.



USA Today:

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