Photo of an AK 47 gun.
School shooting at the University of Texas only injures one. CC by D.A. Haynes/Wikimedia Commons

An apparent attack at the University of Texas shut down the entire campus this morning. Either one or two gunmen began firing weapons in the Perry-Castaneda library early in the morning. The attack was an apparent suicide. The shooter only killed themselves. Until the security teams clear the entire campus, areas around the college will stay locked down. This move is for the safety of students and staff.

UT shooting in library

Before 9 in the morning in Austin, a shooter walked into the Perry-Castaneda library. Police officers are seeking a second shooter. This is because of conflicting reports. The UT shooter was carrying an assault rifle. Reportedly, this weapon was an AK-47. There was a short burst of gunfire, and then the shooter allegedly shot himself. Descriptions of the UT shooter varied widely. Police and SWAT teams are searching for a second gunman or gunwoman.

Only one injury in UT shooting

Only the gunman died in the UT-Austin shooting. An adjunct professor and student who encountered the University of Texas gunman reported that he appeared to be shooting into the ground, not at people. SWAT teams have been called into the University of Texas, as have all emergency services.

Lockdown at University of Texas

A lockdown of campus was instituted as soon as the shooting started. Students were asked to stay as safe as possible. Alerts were sent to students and faculty informing them of the lockdown. This alert was sent via email, text message, and Twitter. The UT campus alert included the words “STAY AWAY.” Until the second gunman is found, the UT campus shooting lockdown will continue. The lockdown could also end if it is confirmed there is no second shooter.



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