Photo of the Palin Family
Bristol Palin, second from left, debuted on DWTS. CC by Carol Highsmith/Wikimedia Commons

This season is already shaping up to be the Bristol Palin “Dancing with the Stars” season, in terms of who people are watching. Bristol herself hasn’t done very much to speak of, but her mother Sarah Palin certainly commands enough attention these days. That said, it wasn’t as if she performed like a token addition. She actually wasn’t that bad. The fall season of the show, just like the spring run of the show, is packed with celebrities. This season is heavy on characters from reality TV. It should be entertaining.

Palin compellingly average

Anything Palin, except unfortunately Michael Palin, commands a lot of attention these days. That said, the Bristol Palin “Dancing with the Stars” debut routine was not actually terrible. Bristol Palin tied with Florence Henderson, the mom from “The Brady Bunch” with 18 points, according to CNN. As for the rest of the scores, Margaret Cho, David Hasselhoff and Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino all failed to get higher than a 15. Michael Bolton scored a 16. Audrina Partridge from “The Hills” scored a 19. So did Kurt Warner. Rick Fox, a former NBA star, scored a 22. Kyle Massey, a teen actor from several Disney shows, garnered an impressive 23, as did singer Brandy. Brandy actually got a reunion of sorts, as she and Hasselhoff were both judges on “America’s Got Talent” However, who the winner was going to be was never in doubt.

As if Baby ever could be put in a corner

Never mind any famous offspring; Jennifer Grey is on the show and that means that “Dirty Dancing” is going to get brought up. Grey starred in the ’80s classic with Patrick Swayze, and her character was the Baby referenced in the phrase “no one puts Baby in a corner” The Jennifer Grey “Dancing with the Stars” role is likely to boost ratings from fans of the film interested in seeing if one of the main cast members still has her dancing chops. Well, it turns out she still has the chops. Grey, along with dance partner Derek Hough got the top score of 24 out of 30.

Ought to be a great show

Every season of “DWTS” causes a big buzz. This season should be the same. There are people in the cast that have a lot of talent — even for dancing. Granted, it is a celebrity-reality show, so it is also a great excuse to parade people that have piqued public interest.



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