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Apparently, some people never learn. Last year, a well known character actor with an extensive filmography was arrested for skipping out on a hotel bill. Randy Quaid and wife Evi Quaid were arrested on charges of attempting to defraud an inn. Posting bail wasn’t a problem and both went home after that. This made a lot of headlines, as a person who has worked in Hollywood so long could have easily afforded a hotel bill. The Quaids were arrested in Texas, but went back to California and resolved it quietly. The pair was arrested again recently, for living illegally in a property they formerly owned in Santa Barbara.

Unpaid hotel bill leads to first Randy Quaid arrest

The first incident that got Randy Quaid and Evi Quaid in legal hot water occurred last year. On Sept. 30, the Quaids were arrested on suspicion of defrauding an inn. After staying a night in a hotel, they neglected to pay and were arrested in Texas. They posted bail immediately. However, they subsequently missed several court dates. Eventually, they did make it back to court. Evi Quaid had to settle for probation and community service. It seemed as though things were back to normal, according to CNN, after the Quaids settled the hotel bill.

No such thing as squatters’ rights

Some things tend to stand out in a person’s memory. An important event like selling a house usually falls into this category. However, that did not apply to Randy and Evi Quaid. The two were busted for living in the guest house on a property that they had sold years ago. Despite all documentation to the contrary, the Quaids believed that they still owned the property. According to ABC, the cops were having none of it and arrested them for burglary. Many sources have pointed out that if they really believed they owned the property, it’s odd that they didn’t go into the main house and instead stayed in the guest house.


There hasn’t been a comment on either arrest from Dennis Quaid, Randy Quaid’s younger brother. Perhaps there is something in the smog. Hollywood seems to breed a particular variety of insanity. Perhaps the idea of not breaking the law doesn’t occur to the Quaids, or others like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.


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