A file photo of Tea Party Republican Senate candidate in Delaware, Christine O'Donnell.
Will Christine O'Donnell be Delaware's choice for Senate, or will talk of witchcraft, anti-masturbation sentiment and campaign fund mismanagement leave her on the outside of the political cauldron? (Photo Credit: CC BY/The Conservative Wahoo)

Tea Party Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell of Delaware has already made what has proven to be a dubious name for herself with some of the more controversial elements of personal background and campaign platform. Reports also indicate that O’Donnell lied about the nature of her college degree status. The born-again Protestant has also gone embarrassingly public with her anti-masturbation views. Now the Christian Science Monitor reports that more of the former wild child’s past has leaked into public view. On a 1999 episode of the Bill Maher talk show “Politically Incorrect,” Christine O’Donnell said witchcraft had played a role in her life. Specifically, she claims to have “dabbled in witchcraft.”

Christine O’Donnell’s witchcraft comment may indicate Wicca

Wiccan is the Old English term for witch, according to the Australian website Witchcraft.com, and Christine O’Donnell may not know witchcraft or Wicca if her further comments are any indication. Elaborating in the video clip below, she claims she went on a date where there was a “Satanic altar” present. According to Witchcraft.com, Wicca is a term intended to counteract society’s negative stereotypes for that religious faith. Celebrations of natural cycles – from the change of season to the changes undergone by the human body – are a part of Wicca, while such cartoonish notions of “black” or “white” magic are not. Nature is neutral; it endures. Whether Christine O’Donnell’s Senate aspirations will continue to endure is questionable, but fellow Republicans reportedly would love to see her either keep quiet or vanish into the mists of Avalon.

‘I never joined a coven,’ said O’Donnell

So-called “witchcraft” was apparently a teenage phase for Christine O’Donnell. She does not currently profess to practice witchcraft, which would likely not sit well with O’Donnell’s current deity, who professes in his own sales literature to be “a jealous God.” But the current series of bizarre events in Christine O’Donnell’s political life have spurred Republican strategist extraordinaire Karl Rove to action. He has jumped on the “she can’t win” bandwagon. Republican Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana has called for O’Donnell to publicly explain her 1999 comments. While Delaware voters are the ones who will ultimately decide whether Christine O’Donnell is fit to serve the state in the Senate, Rove is seriously concerned about her “background, character, statements and previous actions,” as he recently told “Fox News Sunday.”

Politics: The voodoo that you do

As if Christine O’Donnell and witchcraft weren’t enough, now Raw Story reports that the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has filed a complaint against O’Donnell. The allegation is that she used $20,000 in campaign funds for personal expenses. Christine O’Donnell would certainly not be unique if this allegation is proven to be true. However, such actions are never acceptable. If O’Donnell can see Hogwart’s from her house, perhaps she should hop a train there and leave the politicking to grown-up politicians with the sense to master the spells that stay loose lips first.


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Dabbling in big hair, cuteness and Ba’al worship


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