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Simon Cowell hosts Britian's Got Talent, but will he ever be a part of America's Got Talent? CC by cliff1066/Flickr

Talent competitions are all the rage on American television. The fifth “America’s Got Talent” season has just wrapped up. It was an interesting season, and the “America’s Got Talent” final four were all incredible. Fighting Gravity, a spectacular dance group, was the only final act that wasn’t a singer, unlike Michael Grimm, Prince Poppycock, and Jackie Evancho. Guest spots from some great entertainers rounded out the final episode, with Jewel, Lionel Ritchie and Donna Summer making the final show a spectacle worth watching. Many people favored Evancho to win, as the 10-year-old with titanic pipes was often compared with Susan Boyle. The votes came in droves for Michael Grimm, however, in an upset victory.

Grand spectacle on last episode

The finale for “America’s Got Talent” season five was a great thing to see. It almost always is. Two days before the finale was the last round of competition. Michael Grimm is a singer/songwriter type, with a very tinge. Prince Poppycock sings a mélange of Lady Gaga, Kiss and Paul Revere and the Raiders in an operatic fashion, with elaborate staging and costumes. The power of the voice of Jackie Evancho belies her tiny size and scant 10 years, and she has been a favorite to win for weeks. Then there was Fighting Gravity, an unbelievably good dance group.

Finale has a Grimm setting

The show gets voted on just like “American Idol,” and just like that show, viewers have to wait for the results. Piers Morgan pulled no punches on the finale, according to CBS. He buzzed Prince Poppycock, who had been a crowd favorite all season. To be fair, it was a little one-dimensional. And operatic ballads get old after so long, despite the fact that Jackie Evancho is only 10 years old. Variety is the spice of life, and Michael Grimm reaped the benefits of that in his winning “America’s Got Talent.” Singers win this show, as only one of the five winners has not been a singer. According to People, Grimm already has plans. He will buy a house for his grandparents.

Epic duets

The finale also had some amazing guest spots. Poppycock performed with Donna Summer, Lionel Ritchie sang “Dancing on the Ceiling” for Fighting Gravity and Grimm performed a duet with Jewel, singing “Me and Bobby McGee.” This season wrapped up well.


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