Photo of a police race car.
Ford and Dodge are helping create high-tech cop cars. CC by Angelo Tsirekas/Wikimedia Commons

The most common purpose behind buying a car is for a daily driver. Fleet vehicles, though, also contribute to the sales of major car makers. Rental cars bring in big bucks; so do vehicles for hauling purposes, like trucks and vans. Among the most legendary fleet vehicle configurations is the police car, or rather, the interceptor. Most big car companies make police cars. Dodge and Ford are releasing notable new interceptor models.

Ford retires a legend and makes new interceptors

Ford is retiring a long standing favorite among police and thus offering two new interceptor models. The Crown Victoria is getting retired. So Ford has to come up with something else. The new interceptor will be based on the Ford Taurus. There will also be an interceptor model Ford Explorer. The Taurus, according to the New York Times, will come with a 365-horsepower turbocharged V-6, along with standard police improvements such as a sturdier frame and extra cooling capacity. The police Explorer is based on the new generation of Explorer models. The new Taurus and Explorer share a lot of components.

Police may like the Dodge Pursuit

There are also new lines of interceptors from Dodge and Chevrolet. There already have been sales of the Dodge Charger to police departments all over the country. However, there will be an improved model called the Dodge Charger Pursuit. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Pursuit will be a rear wheel drive model of the Charger that will come with a turbo V-6 or a V-8, as well as other police accouterments such as a beefed-up suspension and stability controls. Chevrolet is trying to make up for lost time. The new Caprice, based on the older Caprice, will be a police vehicle only.

Crime does pay

Police cars are quite profitable for car makers. However, unlike most fleet vehicles, there are greater specifications and customizations that have to be made. Modern police cruisers have to be able to accommodate a lot of electronic equipment. The cars must also perform very well and consistently. The car must be comfortable as well, as officers generally spend several hours in them.


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