Photo of a wave from a hurricane.
Tropical Storm Igor has become Hurricane Igor CC by Christine Matthews/Geograph

The Atlantic, especially the Caribbean, produces some extreme weather patterns, including hurricanes that wreak havoc. The 2010 hurricane season hasn’t been as bad as other recent years, but there are several storm systems becoming potentially lethal right now. Hurricane Igor, formerly tropical storm Igor, is of great concern especially. Hurricane Igor is currently in the middle of nowhere, but it could hit Bermuda. Where the hurricane might go is unknown, but Igor isn’t thought to be heading toward the United States.

The growth of Hurricane Igor

Hurricane Igor, formerly tropical storm Igor, had grown to hurricane status by Sept. 11. Igor is a particularly strong storm, according to CNN, as it has been upgraded to a Category Four hurricane. Igor is not near civilization currently, but the hurricane is heading in the general direction of Bermuda. The storm is still hundreds of miles away from the Leeward Islands, the nearest land masses. There’s also an active tropical storm,  Julia, in the Caribbean. Julia was briefly classified a Category One hurricane, but dropped off right away.

Eye on the storm

The storm seems to be staying in the middle of the ocean, according to the Los Angeles Times. Hurricane Igor isn’t heading explicitly for a land mass. It isn’t known if the storm will make landfall anywhere. It is, though, moving in the direction of Bermuda. There is a relative chance that Igor will intensify into a Category Five hurricane. No advisories or warnings are being issued yet. Recently, Hurricane Earl threatened American and Canadian coast. Earl headed out to sea soon after approaching the East Coast.

2010 hurricane season is not over

Hurricane season typically lasts from June until November. This year hasn’t been terrible. There were some areas that took a beating. The Gulf Coast of Mexico was battered by Hurricane Alex. Islands in the Caribbean have seen flooding from several hurricanes. Fatalities this year have been thankfully few. Most people who have perished in hurricanes drowned due to rip currents.



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