A military plane air-dropping what appears to be Playboy bunny logos.
Always use a parachute when deplaning in the manner depicted here. (Photo Credit: United States Army; CC BY/Benoit Menunier/Flickr)

Aerial turbulence can be unnerving, particularly for passengers who are less than comfortable with flying in general. However, it is never acceptable to attempt to deplane from a commercial flight, despite intense turbulence or action films bravado. Fortunately, modern commercial airline security measures make such actions next to impossible. However, Playboy model Tiffany Livingston wasn’t thinking about what was possible when she burst from her seat and attempted to open the door of in-flight JetBlue Flight 222 from Orlando, Fla., to Newark, N.J while the plane was at 10,000 feet. According to reports, the 21-year-old model was stricken with an anxiety attack and didn’t have her medication. Livingston was taken into law enforcement custody following the incident, but was eventually released by the FBI. Apparently, Livingston was merely attempting to stabilize herself against the door during the anxiety attack, writes TMZ.

Tiffany Livingston is ‘not just another pretty face’

Tiffany Livingston, who was the featured centerfold for the Singapore version of Playboy, VIP in 2009, is described as an intelligent young woman and “not just another pretty face.” According to Playboy, Livingston has an approachable, girl-next-door freshness, and she worked hard in a variety of manual labor jobs back in her hometown of Manchester, N.H., in order to get to her current position in life. Rumor is that she has dated celebrity magician David Blaine, but Livingston claims she has found real magic while reading the book “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl. Specifically, she tells Playboy that it has helped her manage her anger, particularly when facing the challenges of the modeling life.

Dealing with air turbulence

According to FlyingFear.net, air turbulence does not indicate that a plane is out of control. It’s simply a fact of nature. The interaction of jet stream air moving at different speeds causes turbulence, and that turbulence almost always falls within a predictable, acceptable range. Airplanes – particularly commercial craft designed to carry many passengers – are designed to be at bare minimum twice as strong as they need to be to withstand the worst turbulence. While such knowledge may not have helped Tiffany Livingston during her moment of anxiety, it certainly wouldn’t have hurt.


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