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The new fuel economy stickers might help car buyers save money. CC by Marshall Astor/Flickr

In the future there will be a new look for fuel economy stickers at dealerships, and the Obama administration, Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation want some different information displayed on them. The EPA is looking for people’s input, and the proposed versions are on the EPA website to view. The public can vote on which they prefer. One has a letter grade, the other numbers and graphs, and both give information about the environmental effects the vehicle will have. The labels reflect the new concern over emissions.

The new fuel economy stickers

Recently, the Obama administration started work on creating new fuel economy and environmental impact labels for cars and trucks for sale at dealerships. Two designs are offered, and the government wants public input. The new stickers, according to the Wall Street Journal, are geared to raise consciousness of emissions, even when browsing on the show room floor of the dealership. Fuel economy is also a part of it. The stickers even show the difference in auxiliary expenses between comparable models.

New labels will benefit greener vehicles

According to USA Today, these labels will show the disparity between the performance of hybrid, electric and traditional cars across several categories. The Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf are being released in the near future and are expected to be game-changing green vehicles. One fuel economy sticker averages environmental impact and fuel economy into a letter grade. (Low emissions and high miles per gallon mean a better grade.) The other sticker displays combined miles per gallon, and where that model sits compared to the same class of vehicles. For instance, the Ford Escape Hybrid beats the Chevy Suburban across all categories.

They want your opinion

This is one instance when government does want your input. The Environmental Protection Agency, the White House and the Department of Transportation are encouraging it. Follow the URL below to the EPA’s website, and the designs are displayed. Leave a comment saying what you think of them.


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USA Today:


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