Photo of a Medel of Honor
Medal of Honor video game stirs up debate. CC by U.S. Navel Historical Center

The video game series “Medal of Honor” is creating great controversy with its latest installment. All titles in the series have been set in World War II until now. This game takes place in the current war if Afghanistan. It isn’t the first game to do so, but it is an “MOH” first. What’s different about this one? Players also can choose to be the Taliban in multiplayer mode in “Medal of Honor 2010.” People have been calling for a ban, including the Minister of Defence for the U.K.

Liam Fox calls for ban

The Defence Secretary for Great Britain (British English spells “defense” with a “c”), Liam Fox, has called for a ban of the game. He opposes the sale of the game by retailers, according to The Guardian and doesn’t think anyone should buy it. The opposition to the game is because of the multiplayer mode. Players can choose to be either U.S. or U.K. characters, or the Taliban. Even in online gaming, which is far removed from real life, shooting at the military forces of the U.S. or U.K. is a shocking prospect. Considering games in other series, such as the “Call of Duty” series, took place in Afghanistan and Iraq, it was only a matter of time before this scenario arose.

Electronic Arts responds

The game is by Electronic Arts, and this version of “Medal of Honor” is the first not to take place in World War II. A PR Representative, according to AOL News, from EA, likened the roles in the game to child’s play. Cowboys face off against Indians, cops against robbers, and in the re-boot of the video game series, in multiplayer mode “someone’s gotta be the Taliban.” Opponents of the feature highlight that playing as Nazis in previous installments is less harmful, as the second World War is farther removed from the present.

After all, it is still only a game

There are two universal outcomes to any controversial video game. First, some people get offended and raise a great ruckus. Second, the game sells a lot of units — as evidenced by “Grand Theft Auto” or the first “Mortal Kombat,” for instance. Unfortunately, it seems that given the number of games taking place in the same current conflicts, that this exact circumstance was inevitable. Steven Spielberg actually helped to create the first “Medal of Honor.” That first game had some multiplayer characters that were interesting as well. William Shakespeare and a German Shepherd were un-lockable characters, as was a Velociraptor from “Jurassic Park.” Remember, this is the game where you could kill Nazis as a dinosaur, so maybe you shouldn’t take it too seriously.

More on this topic

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