A photo of a car in a movie.
Cars can be the star of the show. CC by ZEDZAP.. Nick :)/Flickr

If a car is featured heavily in an iconic film or television show, it can make that vehicle famous — sometimes about as famous as everything else in the movie or show. Famous cars can hold value for decades and fetch high prices at dealerships or on the auction block. Film producers are in on it at times; there’s something called “product placement,” where a car maker will pay a director or donate brand new cars to get their product featured in the movie.

Cars can be as much of a scene stealer as anything else

Chances are just about anyone can think of a few famous autos from TV or film that have a special place in their hearts. Some people go so far as to buy the car from the movie or show they remember. Here’s a small list of some true classics from movies and TV. It’s by no means comprehensive.

Nobody does it better

The ultimate movie car is the Aston Martin DB5. That’s why a DB5 used in “Goldfinger” went for more than $2 million several years ago. The “James Bond” franchise and Aston Martin have a long history. “Goldfinger” made the car famous. The car also made it into “Goldeneye” and “Casino Royale.” A late ’60s DBS was in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” The newer generation of Aston Martins, such as the Vanquish, were featured in “Casino Royale,” “Die Another Day” and “Quantum of Solace.”

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