Photo of Bonnie and Clyde
The Bonnie and Clyde fugitives were caught. CC by miss_rogue/Flickr

Two of the most wanted fugitives in the nation, John McCluskey and Casslyn Welch, have been taken into custody. Bonnie and Clyde keep getting brought up concerning these two. They escaped less than a month ago from Arizona State Prison, and have been on the run since. They were believed to be in several locations after their escape, including Yellowstone National Park, and Arkansas. The two were captured because a Park Ranger called in their vehicle’s license plate in an Arizona state park.

Park Ranger finds fugitives without knowing it

A Park Ranger was on patrol in Apache Sitgreaves National Forest. He spotted an unattended fire in a campground and had the vehicle’s license plate checked out, according to ABC. When it came back stolen, he alerted police. The identities of the two were discovered after SWAT showed up and arrested them for grand theft auto. They were arrested peacefully. John McCluskey said that he would have fired on police had he not been caught off guard. McCluskey and his cousin, Casslyn Welch, who is also his fiancé, were taken peacefully.

Desperate manhunt ends

After John McCluskey and Casslyn Welch broke out of Arizona State Prison with fellow inmates Tracy Province and Daniel Renwick, a massive manhunt went underway. Province and Renwick were captured soon after, and McCluskey and Welch were spotted in Yellowstone National Park and in Butte, Mon. McCluskey and Welch were spotted in Yellowstone National Park and Butte, Mont., while Renwick and Province were captured not long after their escape. McCluskey and Welch are thought to be connected to the murder of Gary and Linda Haas in New Mexico, according to the Associated Press. The bodies of the Haases were found in their burnt trailer around Aug. 4. The stolen vehicle Welch and McCluskey were driving had New Mexico plates.

Bonnie and Clyde

For some reason, people have a romantic notion about Bonnie and Clyde types. Bonnie and Clyde weren’t very romantic either; Clyde was gay, and they stole money from the people that cheered them before the FDIC existed. They belong in jail. The ranger who reported them should be commended.

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