Photo of a boeing 737 plane.
A Boeing 737 crashed in San Andres, but only one fatality occured. CC by KS-U92/Wikimedia Commons

The San Andres, Columbia crash that took place on Monday resulted in only a single death. The plane hit the ground as it was going in for the landing. The cause of the wreck isn’t for certain yet, but is thought to be due to a lightning strike. The plane fragmented, but it did not damage any buildings, and there was only one death, which occurred after the crash. Avoiding catastrophic damage to the runway and airport, as well as the outcome of only one fatality has been attributed to skill of the pilot.

Boeing 737 breaks apart on runway

The flight from Bogota took off for San Andres in the middle of the night. As AIRES Flight 8250 approached the runway in bad weather, the plane began to shake. The plane began to split apart while the pilot began an emergency landing just short of the runway. Authorities initially credited a down draft as the cause, though others including eyewitnesses attribute a lightning strike on the plane as the cause, according to CNN. The pilot also saw a bolt of lightning hit the plane. As the plane landed at Gustavo Rojas Pinillo airport, it broke in two. No damage occurred save for the plane.

Only one dies

According to Bloomberg, the only fatality was a 65-year-old passenger who had a heart attack after the crash. There were six people who had no injuries whatsoever. The rest of passengers and crew had injuries, but everyone is expected to make a full recovery. At least 127 people were aboard the plane.

Pilot skill believed to have made the difference

Airline pilots are some of the best trained and skilled workers in any field. Not only do they have to navigate a very complex machine through a very precise trajectory, they also have to know exactly what to do when things go wrong. Their knowledge makes them very valuable and they work under tremendous pressure. The air travel trade has a lot of stress and responsibility involved, as many know after the Steven Slater saga. The pilot of AIRES Flight 8250 is a hero.

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