Gluten Free Pastries.
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Maintaining a gluten free diet, for some people, is a matter of life and death. Some people use a gluten free diet for weight-loss. No matter why some are cutting out gluten, gluten-free foods are expensive, but they’re becoming easier to find.

What’s behind a gluten free diet

Some medical groups estimate that about 8 percent of people have a gluten allergy of some kind. The most severe reaction is referred to as celiac disease, which is a full allergy to gluten. Maintaining a gluten-free diet means eating nothing with wheat, barley, or rye. Some form of wheat or gluten can be found in baked goods, pastas and processed foods. Soy sauce, beer, imitation crab meat, even corn bread all contain gluten. Maintaining a gluten-free diet means cutting out all of this.

Foods that a gluten free diet allows

Because so many people are choosing to cut gluten out of their diets, gluten free foods are becoming more popular in grocery stores. There are gluten-free flour mixes that are intended to simulate wheat flour. Many cities are also seeing a rise of gluten free bakeries and eateries. Put very simply, a gluten free diet is much easier to follow now that it has received more attention. The current estimate is that the gluten free foods market stands at about $1.7 billion.

Options for gluten free diets

Following a gluten free diet can, at the least expensive end, means cutting wheat, barley and rye out of your diet. Simply remove Pop-Tarts, bread, beer, pasta and all other wheat products out of your diet. Removing all of this means removing a lot out of your diet, but if replace it with fruits and vegetables you’ll save money and likely lose weight. You will need to get creative if you want to replace the gluten-containing foods rather than just remove them. You can replace many of the starches in your diet with rice and corn products.

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