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Robert Gibbs spoke his mind during a recent press confrence. CC by American Zeroes/Picasa

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs recently slammed a group of people he referred to as the “professional left.” Though it reminds one of the days when Dan Quayle was Vice President, it paints a telling portrait of the mood in the Oval Office.

Gibbs doesn’t like the left once they’re in the big leagues

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs refers to liberals who are dissatisfied with the administration as the professional left. He said in an interview with The Hill that they would only be happy with universal health-care and the abolition of the Pentagon. He mentioned that some people were comparing President Barack Obama with George W. Bush, and people who did should be “drug tested.” He continued to say that they wouldn’t be happy “even if Dennis Kucinich was president.”

Just who are these people Robert Gibbs is bashing?

Robert Gibbs could mean people who criticized Obama’s abandoning of a public option and lax policy concerning federal laws that affect LGBT issues, including that little has been done about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. However, he still didn’t articulate well who exactly the professional left are. The day the interview was published, Gibbs was noticeably absent from a White House press conference. Replacement Bill Burton maintained that Gibbs was sick.

We’re going to need a little more

Who he meant exactly is unknown, but it’s pretty clear what he was talking about. The fact is, there’s just no pleasing some people and some people just love having something to complain about. The disturbing thing about Robert Gibbs’ rant is that it comes across as though he just dislikes people who push for the changes they want to see. That’s not a very Democratic attitude.

More on this topic

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