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Consumers are crazy about their iPhones. But Apple’s AT&T service earns their disdain. For years, this love/hate relationship has spawned Verizon iPhone rumors. Rumors surfaced again Monday quoting anonymous sources about a Verizon iPhone release in January 2011. Stories about Verizon iPhone rumors are based on one dead giveaway: an order taken by Qualcomm from Apple for chipsets compatible with the Verizon network. The question has been when, not if, the Verizon iPhone will appear, ever since AT&T landed the exclusive iPhone carrier agreement when Apple introduced it in 2007.

Anonymous sources confirm Verizon iPhone rumors

Verizon iPhone rumors are so common that most people pay them no mind. But this time the Verizon iPhone rumor is different, said Steve Cheney at Tech Crunch. Cheney said the rumors will come true now because of Smartphone DNA that is traced through the chain of component supplies. Translated from geek speak, this means that an order by Apple from Qualcomm has been placed for CDMA chipsets in time to make a batch of Verizon iPhones in December for a January introduction. This is regarded as solid intelligence even though Cheney says it’s from anonymous sources once again.

Big sales predicted for Apple Qualcomm iPhone

Apple’s AT&T GSM network doesn’t work with CDMA, the wireless standard for Verizon’s network. Business Week fell in with Tech Crunch in stating that Apple’s suppliers are gearing up to make components for a CDMA network, even though Apple’s Qualcomm order hasn’t been confirmed as fact. Since the iPhone’s debut in 2007, Apple has sold more than 50 million of them. UBS AG analyst John Hodulik told Business Week that removing the iPhone from the sole domain of AT&T will give Verizon an advantage in the Smartphone wars. Hodulik estimates that the 92.8 million people who use Verizon may buy 3 million iPhones every quarter.

On cue, bloggers cry wolf

Among iPhone users who believe AT&T is the only chink in the armor of their favorite device, the latest Verizon iPhone rumor joins a growing list of false starts. PC World published a list of Verizon iPhone rumors that began in September 2008 when bloggers spread an anonymous tip of an early 2009 release. Starting then, Verizon iPhone release dates surfaced in April 2009 (Early 2010), Oct. 2009 (70 percent chance in 2010), Oct. 2009 (late 2010), Jan 2010, (Jan. 2010!), March 2010, (late 2010) and May 2010 (early 2011).



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