Adam Carolla.
Adam Carolla suffers no “self-entitled monsters.” (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/Oddbook/Wikipedia)

Adam Carolla is a comedian who isn’t afraid to call things as he sees them. In a recent interview with Media Research Center, Carolla lashed out at Occupy Wall Street, calling the 99 percent “self-entitled monsters,” reports E! Online.

Self-entitlement and envy

Carolla, host of the most heavily subscribed podcast in the world (“The Adam Carolla Show”), has never been a fan of narcissists who cry entitlement but are unwilling to work hard. His expletive-filled rant against 99 percenters who feel their right to assembly includes erecting shantytowns and makeshift restrooms on private property is nothing new to those familiar with Carolla’s politics. He’s simply pointing out what he’s been warning against for years. This is the first wave of the self-entitlement generation.

“There’s something that’s come up in this country that didn’t use to exist, which is envy,” Carolla said. “It was understood back in the day, and we are empowering, we’re now dealing with the first wave of the participation trophy, my own fecal matter doesn’t stink, empowered, everyone’s a winner, there’s no losers (generation).”

Teach your children well

In Adam Carolla’s opinion, modern parents have failed to instill the value of hard work in their children, replacing firm guidance with a milquetoast desire to be seen as “cool” in their children’s eyes – to be buddies, rather than parents. A father of two young children, Carolla uses a football analogy to drive his point home:

“‘I want my Most Valuable Player trophy.’ ‘Well, you’re the slowest, fattest guy on the team.’ ‘Why should he get one and I don’t get one?’ ‘Because he busts his a– and he runs a 4.4 40. That’s why he gets one.’ Now everyone involved gets a participation trophy so they can feel good about themselves.”

Pride in real accomplishment

Many of the nation’s most successful people worked extremely hard to become rich. Adam Carolla, who came from a lower middle-class background and worked physically demanding, low paying jobs for years before becoming a successful entertainer, is mourning the demise of America’s middle-class work ethic. A person should feel pride in their accomplishments and learn to appreciate what they’ve earned through their own toil.

“Feel good about yourself because of your accomplishments, not because somebody yelled at you to feel good about yourself,” said Carolla. “When these folks enter the workplace, the boss can’t yell ‘Get back to work.’ ‘Oh, you’ve raised your voice to me. You better watch your tone, buddy. My dad’s a lawyer.’”

The world owes you nothing

Many Occupy Wall Street protesters are out protesting every day, rather than either going to work or working at finding a job. If they cannot find work, they should volunteer in their community and attempt to make contacts that may lead to future employment. The world will not stop to ensure that everyone is strapped in.

“(Protesters are) self-entitled (and) think the world owes them a living,” Carolla concluded. “They’re feeling shame. They’ve been shamed by life because they haven’t been prepared for life.”


Adam Carolla on Occupy Wall Street (explicit language):

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