Close-up of a woman's lower torso. Her belly shirt is up, exposing the fact that she's wearing a PVC adult diaper.
Some wear adult diapers as part of a lifestyle. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/ShinyFan/Wikipedia)

A recent investigation by the Social Security Administration suggests that being an adult baby has its benefits. Specifically, it necessitates benefits for Stanley Thornton Jr., a 30-year-old Redding, Calif., man who wears adult diapers and lives as an adult baby. SSA investigators, who were searching for evidence of Social Security fraud, cleared Thornton of wrongdoing.

Adult baby syndrome warrants disability checks, says SSA

Earlier this year, Thornton appeared on the National Geographic television program “Taboo: Fantasy Lives.” The 350-pound man shows no obvious signs of physical or mental retardation, yet his days and nights consist of wearing footie pajamas and an adult diaper, drinking apple juice from a bottle, eating in an adult-sized highchair and sleeping in a giant crib, reports The Washington Times.

When it comes time for him to void his bladder and bowels, Thornton doesn’t use a toilet. His roommate, former nurse Sandra Dias, cleans up afterward. She acts as Thornton’s “mother.”

Adult baby builds his own crib

After seeing Thornton on “Taboo,” Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) demanded an investigation. Coburn argued that Social Security is already on the verge of insolvency; there’s no room for “blatant fraud” such as an adult baby act. Coburn spokesman John Hart said to The Washington Times:

“(We are) baffled how a grown man who is able to design and build adult-sized baby furniture is eligible for disability benefits.”

In response to Coburn’s criticism, Thornton claimed that the television program “overstated” his abilities.

Paraphilic infantilism can be a sexual fetish

While definitions vary, Wikipedia defines Stanley Thornton’s condition – paraphilic infantilism – as a sexual fetish. Also known as autonepiophilia and adult baby syndrome, the condition involves age regression role-playing, complete with adult diapers, bottles and toys. Some may participate for nurturing reasons – such as to self-soothe when dealing with post traumatic stress disorder – or for more masochistic purposes. Infant behavior may or may not be involved.

On his website Bedwetting ABDL, Thornton wrote that he receives disability checks because he suffers from a variety of afflictions, from PTSD to attention deficit disorder, depression, bipolarism and more. He currently receives more than $800 per month from the SSA.

‘I like to play and be treated as a baby’


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