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A rose by any other name may not be as sweet, but some people get baby naming remorse. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Many parents decide that their child is so much more special than all other children that their child must have a name no one else has. That said, some people who bestow the most eccentric of monikers upon their offspring come to regret it.

Parents of Number 16 Bus Shelter may regret that decision

Every parent thinks their child is special, just like every other parents. As a result, some parents think that their child is deserving of a unique name that no other couples’ special child has.

A story went floating around from New Zealand several years ago, where a judge started banning children’s names that were obviously out of hand. One child, a boy, was allowed to keep the name Number 16 Bus Shelter, according to the Herald Sun. The name Lucifer was banned, but a boy named Benson and Hedges, after a brand of cigarettes, remains named for said nicotine-delivery system.

However, according to the Daily Mail, some parents are coming to regret the decision.

More people regretting unique names

The Daily Mail reports that Yourbabydomainname.com conducted an online survey. The survey found that 8 percent of parents regretted the name they gave their child.

Lucy Cavendish, a columnist for that periodical, wrote in one of her columns that she regretted naming her fourth child, her and her husband’s only daughter, Ottoline. The family calls her Sparkle instead, because “deep down, neither of us likes her name.” She further added that the name Ottoline was akin to “calling your son Tybalt or Titus,” but the name Sparkle is one that “no grown woman will want to be saddled with.”

In 2008, according to CNN, website BabyCenter.com found that 10 percent of the 1,219 mothers surveyed considered changing their baby’s name.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Social Security Administration found some interesting trends among the most popular baby names list that the agency maintains. Most parents opt for a more unique name, as fewer children have a name from the Top 10 most popular baby names. In 2007, 9 percent of boys and 8 percent of girls had a name from the top 10 most popular names, compared to 32 percent of boys and 22 percent of girls in 1955.

A rose by any odd name

According to WebMD, a UCLA psychology professor found that the more unique a baby name was, the more negative the reaction it provoked from people. The name Adam scored a 99 out of a possible 100 points for a positive reaction, but the name Sam scored a 23. (The study was clearly flawed – Ed.)

Another study mentioned on WebMD found that MBA students’ names tended to correlate to the grades they received. People with names beginning with the letters “a” and “b” tended to get “A” and “B” grades. Researchers also found people with names beginning with “C” didn’t mind getting a “C” grade. The reason, they surmised, was that people are attracted to things sharing the first letter of their first name.


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