Saddam Hussein
Executed former Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein. Image: Amir Farshad Ebrahimi/Flickr/CC BY-SA

An Egyptian man with a startling resemblance to Saddam Hussein was allegedly kidnapped and beaten Sunday after refusing to impersonate the late Iraqi dictator in a pornographic video. The sex tape was to reportedly be passed off to the media as genuine.

Refused earlier offers

Mohammed Bishr, of Alexandria, Egypt, has been approached by these would-be filmmakers before, according to Bishr’s son. He was offered $333,000 to perform in the sex video. He refused them and subsequently was plagued with threatening telephone calls.

Kidnapped on Sunday

After repeated refusals, Bishr was reportedly abducted Sunday afternoon while leaving a cafe. He told his story to the Egyptian news agency al-Ahram from a hospital bed: “The three men, who had guns hanging from their belts, forced me out of my car and shoved me into a van, hitting my head.”

The story becomes more fuzzy at this point. Bishr relates that the men in the van began to argue among themselves and then tossed him out of the van. He suffered injuries to his face and head and was hospitalized.

Asked police for protection

Bashir’s son said life has not been the same for his father since first being approached by the men. “We asked the police to put special protection on our father, because this (harassment) has happened to us several times.”

Hussein fond of porn

Reportedly, the slain despot was fond of watching pornographic films himself, even though they were forbidden to the Iraqi people. It has also been rumored over the years that Hussein was prone to using look-alike doubles at public functions. However, none are known to have appeared in pornographic films.

CIA considered its own video

According to the Huffington Post, this would not be the first time somebody has considered making an explicit video with a Saddam Hussein look-alike. The CIA considered a similar move in 2003 in an effort to discredit Hussein before invading Iraq. The video was to have been shot to look like it was taken from a hidden camera, featuring a Hussein double engaged in an indecent act with a teenage boy.


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