A meat pie
A man in Russia has been arrested for allegedly chopping up his father-in-law and using his flesh in meat pies. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

A chef in Russia has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his father-in-law and using the ground flesh of his victim as an ingredient in food sold to customers. This incident is calling attention to other cases of cannibalism in Russia and worldwide.

Pinched for peddling people piroshkies

A chef in Russia, whose restaurant is a few miles from the Kremlin, has been arrested in Moscow, according to the Daily Mail. He is suspected of murdering his father-in-law after an argument and then using the meat from the body in food sold from his restaurant.

The Daily Mail doesn’t mention how anyone came to suspect that human meat was used or exactly when he was arrested. However, it is suspected that meat from the deceased was minced and used as filling in meat pies. The Daily Mail says “dozens” were sold over a three-day period.

From Russia with hunger

The Daily Mail post on the human meat pies mentions several cases of cannibalism that have taken place in Russia.

In August, a Russian chef was found to have killed a man he met through a gay dating website and minced the body to make meat for pies and sausages.

A 16-year-old girl was killed and eaten by two men in St. Petersburg in 2009, who claimed they were hungry.

Sergey Gavrilov was sent to prison in 2009 for killing and eating his mother. The presiding judge reduced his sentence, claiming Gavrilov was hungry, needing food after spending his money on vodka and gambling.

According to Fox, three men were found in 2009 to have killed a manĀ in Perm, Russia, and partially ate him. They then sold the leftovers as meat to a bus station stall that sold kebabs and meat pies.

The world we live in

A restaurant in Berlin, according to Der Spiegel, caused outrage by putting “human meat” on the menu in August of 2010. It turned out to be a PR stunt.

According to The Nation, an English-language newspaper in Pakistan, an imprisoned doctor was horrified to find part of a human hand in his food. North Korean refugees are reporting cannibalism is taking place in North Korea due to food shrotages. California inmate Omaima Nelson made headlines in the United States recently, according to CBS. She was seeking parole for being convicted in 1991 of killing and eating her husband.


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