Directions for how to use a Japanese-style toilet (diagrams included).
Save that biogas for Toilet Bike Neo and see where you can go! (Photo Credit: CC BY/Yuya Tamai/Flickr)

It is possible to make use of the things we commonly throw away to power our commute. Take human waste, for instance; Japanese toilet-maker TOTO has. According to the Treehugger blog, TOTO will soon introduce Toilet Bike Neo, a motorbike that converts human feces into biogas.

Relieve yourself: Alternative fuel for reaching your destination

While TOTO advertises the Toilet Bike Neo as the first biogas motorbike that allows riders to relieve themselves and increase their travel range at the same time, that’s not the only feature the toilet on wheels has to offer. Additional functions include residual light imagery (think the 1980s wand-shaped child’s toy called Skywriter), which enables the driver to write messages that other motorists and pedestrians can see as you drive past. Like an ice cream truck, Toilet Bike Neo also offers an external stereo system.

The toilet bike that speaks to you

What is also exciting (or unsettling) about Toilet Bike Neo – beyond its method of producing biofuel via human waste, aka the “new coal” – is that the toilet can talk. TOTO has already introduced this technology into its newest Japanese home toilet models, so perhaps it seemed obvious with Toilet Bike Neo. It is unclear what the toilet bike says to the rider and/or spectators, but there is speculation that it will give warnings when the tank needs more biofuel. It is also currently unclear whether Toilet Bike Neo will enable drivers to top off the tank in private, or whether they’ll have to find a secluded area.

Alternative fuels for a cleaner world

By 2017, TOTO and other toilet-makers plan to cut CO2 emissions in public bathrooms by half. Until then, the people of Japan look forward to seeing inventions like Toilet Bike Neo in action. Beginning today, a TOTO representative will take a prototype on a 600-mile cross-country tour of the nation, from the company’s corporate headquarters in Kitakyushu to Tokyo.

The workings of a biogas plant


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