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Silicone breast implants: a new kind of body armor? Image: heartbeaz/Flickr/CC BY

If it wasn’t for her massive silicone “additions,” a Moscow woman would not be alive today. Her husband attacked her with a knife Monday, and the surgical enhancements kept the blade from her heart.

Breast implant stopped knife

The 40-year-old woman, whose name is being withheld, got into a fight with her husband earlier this week. Things got tragically out of hand when he grabbed a kitchen knife and drove it into the left side of her chest, right above her heart. But the knife did not penetrate the over-sized silicone implants, leaving her with only a relatively-minor flesh wound.

Husband asked for implants

The husband, it seems, was thwarted by his own doing. It was he who, five years ago, insisted that his wife take on the — in the words of the Russian newspaper Pravda — “body armor.”

Implant kept its shape

The woman was taken to an area hospital where doctors found that, amazingly, the implant remained intact. “The content of the implant did not leak, and the breast preserved its original shape,” Pravda reported. Even so, the implant was replaced just to be on the safe side.

Other instances of silicone ‘body armor’

This is not the first time that silicone “body armor” has saved the life of a woman. In 2006 an Israeli woman survived a Hezbollah rocket attack when her implants stopped a flaming piece of shrapnel from entering her heart.

And in the U.S., according to the Los Angeles Times, a woman survived a shooting in a Beverly Hills dental office last February when the bullet lodged in her size-D breast implant.

A Kevlar substitute?

Silicone has proven to be such an effective deterrent to weapons, perhaps the material could be used as an effective substitute for Kevlar in the manufacture of actual body armor. Food for thought.


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