Picture of a missing pet.
Pets are missing all over Boston. CC by the_moog/Flickr

In Boston, Mass., beloved family pets are vanishing left and right and turning up dead at an alarming rate. Many residents believe that fisher cats are to blame. The wild, sharp-toothed, weasel-looking fisher cat has been spotted in residential neighborhoods, and people are advised to be cautious.

Boston fisher cat attack

Many residents in the Boston area believe the growing number of pets vanishing is due to fisher cat attacks. While people are being warned to take extra precaution in order to protect their pets and small children, the number of missing pets continues to rise. Several residents claim that the fisher cat was spotted in people’s fences, back yards and porches in broad daylight. An Andover man was even able to capture a video clip of a fisher cat sitting in a tree.

A Dover resident name Linda Ribeiro who had lost two cats and a dog told reporters that she saw a fisher cat a couple weeks ago that was as big as a coffee table. “Almost looked like a sea serpent or something,” said Ribeiro. “The head was up and then it came down to short front legs and then the back goes up and arches and then this long tail that’s stuck up in the air.”

What are fisher cats?

Weasels, minks otters and skunks are in the same family as fisher cats. Thin, long and low to the ground, fisher cats are predators that will devour almost anything. Fisher cats, according to Wikipedia, are among a few predators that will actually look for and kill porcupines. All year they remain active and are even more active during twilight hours.

What you should do

Across the Boston region missing posters are turning up as troubled pet owners search for their beloved pets that have suddenly disappeared. Not too long ago the fisher cat was nearly extinct, but according to wildlife officials, it appears the species is returning in rapid numbers. Pet owners and families with children are advised to remove or secure anything that can attract the fisher cats. Get rid of garbage and compost and keep pet rabbits and birds as well as their food secure, as the fisher cats “view domestic cats and rabbits as food and will prey on them when hunting.”

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