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Try some new styles of beer on International Beer Day. CC by Andre Charland/Flickr

What better day to celebrate International Beer Day than a hot day in the middle of summer, specifically Aug. 5. This is a fairly new holiday founded in 2007, but it has caught on quickly for anyone who wants to celebrate beer, bartenders or friends. There will be celebrations across America, but if you can’t find one just start your own.

International Beer Day’s Origins

International Beer Day’s origins are in Santa Cruz, Calif. One good way to find local celebrations would be to call around to local breweries. Who knows, maybe you could even get one of them to start its own festivities. of course, the easiest way to celebrate International Beer Day is to just have some beers with friends.

Beer comes in all shapes and sizes for International Beer Day

The most common type of beer sold in the United States right now is the light lager style. However, making a return slowly but surely are craft beers, thanks to microbreweries. The Brewers Association reported that craft beers made a 10 percent increase in sales in 2009. In the same report they also noted that there was a 2 percent decrease in national beer sales. Why not use National Beer Day to experiment with your taste buds and try some beers that you have never tasted. There are more than 150 styles of beers recognized through the Brewers Association.

Try something different on International Beer Day

Beer pairing is becoming increasingly popular with the wide variety of beers you can now choose from. You can actually find beer experts who will better assist you in pairing the perfect beer with your meal, if you don’t already know what you want. You don’t necessarily need a beer expert, just keep in mind that a well-paired beer should complement and contrast your food. You are bound to save money when pairing with beer rather than wine because a beer is usually less than $10. Use International Beer day to purchase a few new flavors and try something new, and enjoy the day.

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