A red kangaroo
An Ohio man was hospitalized after a kangaroo attack. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

When animals are portrayed as being cute and cartoonish, it can lead to the belief that they aren’t dangerous wild animals. Kangaroos, for instance, can be brutal, as an unfortunate 80-year-old Ohio man recently found out.

Man raised kangaroo from a joey

An 80-year-old Ohio man is in the hospital after being attacked by his pet kangaroo, according to the Daily Mail. John Kokas, of Green Camp, Ohio, was knocked to the ground and beaten about the head and upper body by the three-year-old male red kangaroo, which Kokas had raised since it was a six-month-old joey.

Kokas had to be taken to a hospital in nearby Columbus, Ohio, for treatment. The kangaroo had never been previously aggressive but is believed to have been guarding a female in heat. According to the Washington Post, Koakas’s son said the kangaroo is going to be put down.

Fierce creatures

Earlier this year, a kangaroo attacked 94-year-old Phyllis Johnson at her home in Charleville, Australia, according to the BBC. Johnson was able to successfully fend off the beast, but her wounds required hospitalization.

In 2009 in Arthur’s Creek, Australia, Chris Rickard and one of his dogs were attacked by a grey kangaroo, according to The Times. He received numerous cuts, including a 20-centimeter-long gash along his abdomen that almost ripped his stomach open. The kangaroo tried to drown his dog, holding the blue heeler underwater in a creek.

A kangaroo broke into the home of Beat Ettlin, according to SkyNews, in a suburb of Canberra, in March of 2009. Ettlin put the animal in a headlock and dragged it out of the house. The kangaroo left blood smeared on the walls and damaged the walls and furniture in the process.

Innocuous critters

Some animals pose more of a danger than one might think.

A thread on message board site DiscussAnything.com displays an article that appeared in the Daily Telegraph, presumably the Daily Telegraph of Sydney, Australia, about a woman mauled by a koala in 2002. Danielle Williams, of Adelaide, went to the emergency room after a koala nearly ripped off her ear.

In March, a panda in the San Diego Zoo bit a zookeeper, according to AOL.The panda charged through a gated area to attack. In 2007, according to Fox News, a teenager jumped into a panda enclosure in Beijing and was mauled by a panda bear named Gu Gu. The panda bit him so severely that his leg bones were exposed.

Even dolphins can have a vicious streak. In 2002, according to CNN, a bottlenose dolphin that the people of Weymouth, England, named Georges, was observed numerous times trying to assault scuba divers.


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