High-angle close-up of a woman's feet. She has just had a pedicure, and her toes are painted a bright shade of pink. A pink flower rests between her feet.
A pedicure is not an invitation for toe sucking. (Photo Credit: CC BY/D. Sharon Pruitt/Flickr)

Police officers in Conway, Ark., are duty-bound to protect the populace from unwanted contact, including women who have reported the Arkansas toe suck bandit. According to Fox 16 Little Rock, a man has been victimizing women with unwanted fetishistic advances, which qualifies as sexual harassment.

Man assaults feet

Unwanted toe sucking has been happening in Arkansas, and it needs to stop, said Conway police spokesman LaTresha Woodruff.

“We want him off the streets,” she said.

One recent victim of the Arkansas toe suck bandit is Ruth Harris, 83. Harris was sitting in a chair in front of her apartment Sept. 10 when the aforementioned toe suck bandit approached and said he liked her feet. Before Harris knew what was happening, the toe sucker quickly got down on all fours, removed her shoe and began sucking her toes. He fled the scene as soon as other people entered the apartment courtyard.

According to the local police report, the Arkansas toe suck bandit made overtures to suck another woman’s toes later that day. A woman who was out shopping noticed the bandit staring at her. He approached and told her that he has a foot fetish, and that he said her “toes are so long and succulent.” A sudden call on the woman’s cell phone broke the tension, and the bandit fled.

The shopping woman noted that the perpetrator had “messed up toes.”

Foot fetishism stems from neural crosstalk

Sucking toes and related forms of foot fetishism (aka foot partialism, foot worship and podophilia) are generally an expression of sexual interest for feet. Famous people ranging from Casanova and Elvis Presley to Jack Black and Alex Rodriguez have been known foot fetishists. Foot fetishists are drawn to feet, sometimes to the exclusion of all other areas of the body, sometimes not.

According to neurologist Dr. Vilayanur Ramachandran, foot fetishism may be caused by the fact that the feet and the genitals occupy adjacent areas of our brain’s somatosensory cortex. As a result, Ramachandran and other neuroscientists believe that neural cross-talk between these two areas of the body.

Not the first toe-sucker in Arkansas

In the 1990s, a man named Michael Robert Wyatt (aka “Toe Suck Fairy”) pretended to be a podiatrist. What began as mere probation and a fine for his toe sucking ways eventually led to threats of violence against women’s feet that landed him in state prison for more than a year. Arkansas police haven’t ruled out that the Toe Suck Fairy and the Arkansas toe suck bandit could be the same man.


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