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There are ways to make yourself less likely to be pulled over. CC by infowidget/Flickr

The first step to avoiding a traffic ticket is avoiding getting stopped. It is not always easy to avoid getting noticed by a cop, though. Still, there are a few simple driving steps you can take to avoid notice.

1. Follow the laws

The easiest and most obvious way to avoid a ticket is to not break any laws. Follow the speed limit, come to full stops, and be nice to pedestrians. Driving defensively and avoiding the biggest driving mistakes will help you stay incognito.

2. Choose your ride carefully

Urban legend is that painting your car one color or another makes you more likely to get a ticket. There are some models of vehicles that do get ticketed more often, though. If you do have a choice about what you drive, avoid the most ticketed cars: Hummer, Scion tC, Scion xB, Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG and Toyota Camry Solara.

3. Be a pack member

It may feel great to be on the open road all alone, but you’re less likely to be noticed if you are a part of the pack. Drive at about the same speed as the other vehicles.

4. Truckers know best

Sure, they seem big and scary, but trucks on the road are your friends. Drivers behind the wheels of semis usually warn each other of speed traps. Staying close to a semi and driving as slowly as they do will help you avoid a ticket.

5. Make sure the little things get fixed

Damage to your vehicle makes it stand out, no matter where you are driving. It may not seem dangerous, but officers have a legitimate reason to pull you over if you have dark lights or a cracked windshield. It’s not worth it to risk the ticket. Fix the problems now and avoid the stress later.

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