Two Kalashnikov automatic rifles with night vision scopes attached.
While not the exact night vision scopes Anna Fermanova allegedly smuggled, these are similiar. (Photo Credit: CC BY/Kiril Kapustin/Free Images from Bulgaria)

Move over Anna Chapman, there’s a new Russian spy on the block – or to be more accurate, a Baltic spy. Latvian immigrant Anna Fermanova, 24, is stealing the hearts of Facebook fans with her good looks and stealing military hardware from the U.S. The New York Daily News reports that the blondeĀ  import has allegedly smuggled Raptor 4X Night Vision Weapons Sights to Moscow, where she went to visit her husband, according to court documents. Fermanova was arrested on July 15 at her home near Dallas after returning from her most recent trip to the motherland.

Anna Fermanova’s case ‘looks a lot worse than it really is,’ claims lawyer

According to Anna Fermanova’s attorney Scott Palmer, “She’s a nice Jewish girl who lives with her sweet Latvian parents. There’s no terrorism link. There’s no espionage.” But a confidential informant is reported to have tipped off federal immigration agents as to Fermanova’s illicit activities. When federal agents stopped her at Kennedy Airport in New York before she boarded her Moscow-bound flight, they found a $7,000 Raptor 4X Night Vision Weapons Sight in Fermanova’s suitcase, as well as two other night vision sights worth $4,000 each, according to records.

Fermanova claims she’d purchased the scopes online for her “husband’s hunting buddies in Russia,” writes the Daily News. The agents asked her if she knew it was illegal to take such military grade hardware out of the country, and her response was that she had signed some form of paperwork but was unsure exactly what the paperwork stated. Apparently it did not constitute the license necessary for exportation.

Fermanova admits to removing serial numbers from the scopes

Fermanova reportedly used a black marker to cover up the serial numbers on the night vision scopes. She simply said she did that so the numbers would be “less noticeable,” but agents became suspicious. The scopes were confiscated and Anna Fermanova was allowed to fly to Moscow, but her passport was seized and she was arrested upon her return to the United States. She was charged with “knowingly and intentionally attempting to export defense articles on the United States Munitions list.” That carries a 10-year prison term, indicates the Daily News. Fermanova is currently under house arrest after posting $50,000 bail.

Previously in trouble for check forgery

In 2003, Anna Fermanova was arrested for forging a $76 check. The former cosmetology student and English teacher was fined and sentenced to three years of probation. During her time in beauty school, Fermanova took numerous provocative photographs of herself that made her Facebook page a popular attraction. This attention is not dissimilar to the ogling Anna Chapman received over her own sexy photographs.


New York Daily News:


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