Hot tub
An Arkansas weatherman woke to find his friend dead beside him in a hot tub. Image: mcclouds/Flickr/CC BY-SA

An Arkansas weather man woke up in a hot tub Tuesday morning to find a corpse beside him. The dead man was naked, wearing only a choke chain type dog collar.

Arrived at home of friend

Brett Cummins, the weatherman for Little Rock’s KARK 4 News, arrived at the home of his friend John Barbour Monday night at around 11 p.m. Another man, Dexter Williams, 24, whom Barbour had never met before, was with Cummins.

Used ‘illegal narcotics’

“They then began to drink and use illegal narcotics,” said Officer Gregory Roussie, who questioned Barbour the next morning. “Mr. Barbour stated he was not sure of the drugs that they were using but that they were snorting them.”

Barbour told police that Cummins and Williams went out to the hot tub about two hours later. Barbour went into the living room and fell asleep on the couch. When he awoke at about 8 a.m., Barbour could hear Cummins snoring outside in the tub. He went out to the hot tub with the intention of waking Cummins.

Woke to find Williams dead

“Dexter’s head was lying behind Brett’s left shoulder,” Barbour said to the police. It was only after Cummins awoke that they both noticed that Williams “was not conscious and his face was a different color.” The meteorologist then allegedly screamed and vomited on the floor.

A small ring of blood was observed by police on the bottom of the tub. An autopsy will be conducted to determining the cause of death. At this point, no charges have been filed.

‘Loss of a friend’

Cummins did not return to work Tuesday. The television station said in an online statement that he was “mourning the loss of a friend.”

Other weathermen caught in controversy

Cummins is only the most recent weatherman to be involved in possible scandals over the last decade. In 2005, South Florida meteorologist Bill Kamal was imprisoned for attempting to meet a 14-year-old-boy online.

Jay Patrick, a former Pittsburgh weatherman, was arrested in Russia after eluding authorities for years over the alleged 2004 sexual assault of a young girl.

Michael Koolick, also of South Florida, was arrested in 2010 after allegedly forging prescriptions for painkillers.

Earlier this year, San Diego weatherman Joe Lizura pleaded guilty to lewd conduct after being seen masturbating in public.


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