Picture of a cracked windshiled.
Don't neglect your windshield or it might shatter. CC by Tysto/Widimedia Commons

Over time, a windshield will develop cracks. If you do nothing about it, those cracks can eventually cause the windshield to shatter. This can create a number of obviously unsafe situations, particularly if you’re driving at the time. Driving without a windshield won’t work, as it too is unsafe and will earn you a ticket. For these reasons, knowing a thing or two about auto glass repair is important for maintaining your roadway safety.

Auto glass repair standards you should observe

Auto glass repair is a job worth doing right, rather than quickly and cheaply. According to Automotive Troubleshooting Secrets, a quick fix isn’t worth the money you’d save. First and foremost, make sure your new windshield is installed by a tech certified by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). Look at the urethane adhesive the shop uses; it should be Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) certified. That adhesive should be within the bounds of its expiration date, as well. Using adhesive even a single day after it expires is unsafe. Not only that, but the adhesive used should be up to snuff in the estimation of your automaker (check the manual) and be airbag-compliant if your car has those. Priming materials should pass similar standards from the AGRSS.

What should certified installers be doing?

If you’re using a tech to fix the glass, make sure they’re National Glass Association-documented so that these questions will all check out:

FMVSS certification is non-negotiable

Many auto glass repair shops want your business, but not all of them will offer the FMVSS mark of certification. When such highly trained technicians repair your auto glass, they should affix a sticker announcing that the window was repaired by an FMVSS technician. It’s a mark of quality, a sign that this work has been done well. Accepting cheap glasswork as an alternative is simply a bad idea.

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