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7-Eleven is introducing a wide variety of chips, including hot dog and ketchup flavors. Image: Flickr / stuart_spivack / CC-BY-SA

7-Eleven is offering a new product in test markets, and it’s a bit odd for the U.S. market: hot dog flavored potato chips. Meat-flavored potato chips are far from the oddest flavors available, but this is one salty food trend that appears to be gaining momentum.

Odd potato chip offerings

In what appears to be a test-market offering, 7-Eleven is banking on the Big Bite hot dog brand with four separate new flavors – hot dog, relish, ketchup and mustard potato chips. These flavors are a first for the American market, though these flavors in potato chips are common in many global markets. Bacon, mayonnaise, lemon, paprika, dill pickle, gravy and even curry flavored potato chips can be found around the world. As of Aug. 26, the 7-Eleven Hot Dog flavored potato chips have 52 fans on Facebook, and the reaction seems to be anything but positive.

Meat-flavored meatless products

The Hot Dog Potato Chips do have one factor that makes them potentially a smash-hit. The hot dog chips do not contain any meat product. Baconnaise, bacon-flavored vodka, Bac’uns and a wide variety of meat-flavored vegetarian products are growing in sales each year. There is a debate in the vegetarian and vegan communities over these meat-flavored meatless products. They are usually flavored with salt and chemical flavorings that are manufactured but do not include animal products. There are an estimated 7.5 million vegetarians and vegans in the United States, and that number is growing.

The options for getting your own chips

If you are a fan of oddly flavored potato chips but are not lucky enough to live in a 7-Eleven test market area, you can still get the chips. You can ask someone in the test market area to send chips your way. You can also import chips by driving up to Canada, where the selection of potato chips is much wider. There are also online options for everything from jerkey-potato chip hybrids to small-batch unique potato chips. No matter how you choose to get in on the hot dog or ketchup potato chip option, keep in mind that a single 1-ounce serving comes with 130 or more calories.


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