Portrait photograph of Flordia GOP Rep. Steve Southerland.
Rep. Steve Southerland (R-Fla.) thinks he faces too much danger to be earning a mere $174,000 per year. (Photo Credit: Public Domain/United States Congress/Wikipedia)

Republican Rep. Steve Southerland of Florida recently complained to his constituents that his $174,000 annual salary is insufficient, considering the danger he faces daily at work. Southerland also said the job “didn’t mean much” to him, reports the Tallahassee Democrat.

Southerland makes four times more than police

According to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Steve Southerland makes four times more per year than the average Florida policeman.

“While he’s complaining about only making $174,000, his constituents are struggling to put food on the table, keep a roof over their head or find a job,” said DCCC spokesman Adam Hodge.

Southerland defended his remarks with what amounted to a Gabrielle Giffords/Jared Loughner defense.

“They’re shooting at us. There is law-enforcement security in this room right now, and why is that?” Southerland said. “If you think this job pays too much, with those kinds of risks and cutting me off from my family business, I’ll just tell you: This job don’t mean that much to me. I had a good life in Panama City.”

Top 10 worst jobs Steve Southerland isn’t doing

JobsRated.com compiled a list of the top 10 worst jobs that are not only dangerous or unpleasant, but pay less than w $40,000 annually. It’s likely none fit Steve Southerland’s definition of the “good life.” All data is courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Iron worker – Hot metal and a medial hourly income below $20 mean 61 deaths per 100,000 workers – the fourth-highest rate in the U.S. – and not much money to compensate for the risk.

Roustabout – Maintenance on oil rigs and pipelines by hand is a declining field. The median salary is only $29,000, which isn’t enough to make you forget the possibility of being hit in the head by falling pipes.

Welder – 90 percent of welders make less than $20 per hour, which is low when the potential disfiguring health hazards of the job are taken into account.

Garbage collector – Not glamorous, and the median hourly wage is $13.93. To boot, 41.8 workers per 100,000 die in the line of duty.

Roofer – Hot, strenuous work that sends many fleeing to other construction trades, being a roofer earns a median $15.51 per hour.

Emergency medical technician – On call 24/7 in a high-stress job that can place you in dangerous situations, EMTs earn $27,070 as a median salary.

Seaman – Boat workers and fishermen are away for long periods of time. They’re paid a median of $34,000 per year for the deadliest job in America: 141.7 fatalities per 100,000 jobs.

Taxi driver – Want to get mugged? Being a taxi driver gives you a good chance. The median hourly wage is $10.62, but at least you get to carry a gun!

Dairy Farmer – Hard work, long hours and unsanitary conditions mixed with a net annual income of just more than $15,000 (not accounting for subsidies) is hard cud to chew.

Lumberjack –More than 82 deaths per 100,000, a median wage of $13.80 and extremely difficult working conditions combine for a tough sell.

Mosques at ground zero a ‘moral’ danger, says Southerland


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