Bird with oil spots on it
The BP oil spill has affected the wildlife negatively. CC by ingridtaylar/Flickr

Following a meeting in London to decide his fate, Tony Hayward was expected to resign Monday. He’s being sent to Siberia instead, where he will work at TNK-BP, a joint venture with Russian oil barons that is one of BP’s most lucrative deals. Hayward may appear to be escaping culpability for leading a reckless company that caused the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 and then botching the oil spill response. But some senators who think he had a hand in a BP-Libya oil deal that led to the release of a convicted terrorist want to grill him before he flies to Moscow.

How ironic: Tony Hayward’s Russian sojourn

In October Tony Hayward steps down as BP CEO. The Associated Press reports that Robert Dudley is his likely replacement. Hayward was replaced by Dudley as BP’s point man for the oil spill response. The board of BP’s Russian venture TNK-BP now has a seat for Hayward. In an ironic twist, Dudley led TNK-BP until he got on someone’s bad side and had to leave Russia in 2008.

Dudley’s TNK-BP run a lesson for Hayward?

BP thinks more of Tony Hayward than most American’s and American politicians, if his new role swimming with Russian oil sharks is any indication. The TNK-BP venture, according to the Washington Post, is one BP’s most important projects – with 25 percent of the company’s total production. But Dudley’s experience proves the post can be a headache. After getting into a dispute with Russian shareholders, Dudley was forced to leave the country.

Did Tony Hayward set a terrorist free?

Hayward may be changing addresses, but senators Bob Menendez and Kirsten Gillibrand won’t give up until he faces Congress. The New York Observer reports that they senators want to hear from Hayward at a July 29 hearing into the release of the Lockerbie bomber. For weeks, the senators have been pressuring U.K. officials to launch an investigation into whether the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdul Baset al-Megrahi is related to a BP-Libya oil deal. Hayward may have had a role in negotiations with the Libyans during that deal, Menendez said.


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